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Land Sale Mortgage Data - Now on AcreValue

NEW – AcreValue has loaded Mortgage Data into its Comparable Sales Database. AcreValue Premium users will now be able to view relevant mortgage information for a land sales record, including the lender’s name, the mortgage’s amount and interest rate, and the loan’s type and term. Rely on the Mortgage Data on AcreValue for:

  • Trends: monitor local and regional mortgage rates for characteristics and trends in the lending and real estate market.
  • Activity: observe lenders and institutions for recent mortgage lending activity and compliance
  • Prices: use mortgage data in your land value research for real estate and appraisal, including comparing sales prices of mortgage and all-cash purchases).
  • Marketing: advertise your professional services (like loans, refinancing, or real estate support) to landowners.
To start, purchase a subscription for AcreValue Premium, then select a land sale record in AcreValue’s Comparable Sales Database.
Purchase AcreValue Premium Subscription

How to View Mortgage Information on AcreValue

To access the new Mortgage Data, use the following instructions:
  1. Click here to purchase AcreValue Premium for your accountPurchase AcreValue Premium.
  2. Visit the Comp Sales Database and navigate to your local market.
  3. Select a land sale record on the map.


  1. Generate a full AcreValue Report to view the mortgage information for that land sale.



What Information is Provided in the Mortgage Data?


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