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How do I find my parcel boundaries?

AcreValue surfaces data on tillable, grass pasture, and non-cropland parcels. AcreValue does not surface data on residential or commercial parcels. The parcel boundaries surfaced on AcreValue are pulled from the county records. However, they are not an official record and do not replace a survey or appraisal.

1. On the AcreValue homepage, click on the Map tab.

2. Using the free version of AcreValue, you can search for the parcel using the Google powered search bar to search for the USPS address or zoom in manually to find the parcel geographically.

3. Using AcreValue Pro, you can locate the parcel using the advanced search filters.

4. Once you have located the parcel, you can see the boundaries outlined in yellow.

As noted, AcreValue is not an official record and does not replace a survey or appraisal.


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