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What can AcreValue Pro do for me?

AcreValue Pro is an elevated offering of the free version of AcreValue. AcreValue Pro is offered in three subscription levels, each available on a monthly or annual basis.

AcreValue Basic: AcreValue Pro Basic offers the same features as the free version of AcreValue, but there is no limit to the number of reports you can generate. AcreValue Pro Basic is for those who want the most basic level parcel of information (soil survey, crop history, owner name, etc.) across the continuous 48 states.

AcreValue Plus: AcreValue Pro Plus unlocks advanced search filters and landowner mailing address. AcreValue Pro Plus is a per state subscription, and best for those who want advanced search-ability, landowner mailing address, and list view.

AcreValue Premium: AcreValue Pro Premium unlocks a land sales database back to January 1, 2014 and includes all of the features of AcreValue Pro Plus and AcreValue Pro Basic. AcreValue Pro Premium is a per state subscription, and best for those who are looking for a searchable land sales database. 

For pricing information, please visit the Plans page

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