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How do I name my report?

You can custom name your AcreValue reports so that they can easily be referenced at a later time. Reports can be named on the HTML Report Page or in your Report History.

Report Naming on the HTML Report Page

1. Once a report is generated it will automatically be named "Report #". Click in the name box.

2. Enter the new report name.


Report Naming in Report History

1. Go to Report History by clicking on your email and then Your Reports.

2. Click on the report you would like to rename.

3. Enter the new report name.



  • You can search reports by their name. The search is a simple text match, so searching for "farm" will produce all reports with "farm" in the name.

Good to Know

  • Reports must have unique names. You will get an error message if you try to use an existing name.
  • Report names only show on your HTML reports. They do not show on shared reports or on PDF reports.
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