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How do I use the advanced filters to search for sold land?

Subscribe at the AcreValue Pro level to use the advanced filters on a laptop or desktop. You cannot use the advanced filters to search for land for sale.

  1. On the AcreValue home page, click the Map tab.
  2. On the Land Sales menu, select Sold Land
  3. At the top of the page, enter the State and County at a minimum.
  4. To select multiple counties, select one and then scroll the list and select one or more additional counties.
  5. For Township, select one or more townships. Scroll to the bottom to select a township number.
  1. For Section, select a township number first and then select one or more sections.
  2. For Parcel Number, select the state and county and then enter the parcel number.
  3. For Acres, optionally select the minimum, maximum, or both to further filter the search results.
  4. Optionally enter the Sale Date range and the Sale Amount range.
  5. Optionally click More to use the following additional filters:
  • Ownership: Select the Buyer or Seller.
  • Soils: View the Aggregate Soil Rating used in the selected state and optionally enter the min and max soil rating (for example, Iowa would use CSR2 80-100).
  • Land Use: Select one or more Land Use options (cropland, grass/pasture, non-cropland) and optionally select Years Grown, Min % of Field, and Max % of Field. Click Add to add another land use filter.
  1. Click Apply Filters at the bottom.
  2. Click Clear to clear the filter selections and start over.
  3. View the filter results on the bar below the filters.
  4. Switch to list view at the top to get more details.
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